The Largest Family-Owned Recycler in Washington State

Sustainable Solutions for Whatcom, Skagit, Snohomish, Island & San Juan Counties

Our Residential and Industrial Services include Demolition, Transportation, Recycling Audits, Self-Haul Recycling, and Organic Waste Management. We Protect our Environment with Creative Partnerships and Evolving Technologies.

Providing recycling services in our communities for 35 Years. We recycle construction debris including metal, asphalt, concrete, untreated wood, appliances, and more!

Washington’s Premier Provider of Storage Containers, Mobile Job Shacks, and Steel Road Plates for Sale or Rent! Founded in Bellingham, Washington in 1991.

We divert organic waste from Northwest Washington landfills and transform it into premium compost. We sell compost, general soil mix, mulch, beauty bark, cedar playground chips, and gravel.

Located in Friday Harbor, our San Juan Transfer Station provides recycling services, garbage drop-off, and demolition services for San Juan Island, Washington.

Back in 1991, our founder Troy Lautenbach was an unemployed college graduate who had an idea. Instead of dumping scrap drywall in the landfill, Troy asked the question: “What if you could take that drywall and turn it into bedding for dairy cattle?”

From that first simple idea, and from Troy’s passion for sustainable waste management, reusability, and stewardship, T & T Recovery was born. When the business had outgrown its early days, Troy’s brother, Torrey, joined him in business and T & T Recovery became Lauts, Inc.

Today, 30 years later, and as Lautenbach Recycling, Troy and Torrey continue to ask the question “What If”, continue to innovate, and continue to provide outstanding service and waste solutions for homes and businesses throughout Washington state and the surrounding Pacific Northwest.

As a society, we’ve all become more and more accustomed to convenience; we’ve also become complacent to the waste that we create. We continue to see plastic drink bottles, canned foods, product packaging, glass bottles and jars being discarded. Our landfill space is limited, and in some cases shrinking rapidly.

We’ll continue to be tenacious in our pursuit of solutions, and passionate about sustainability.

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